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Welcome all to Azure Spring Clean 2020.
The idea of this event is to promote well managed Azure tenants. To achieve this, we have over twnety community driven articles that highlight best-practises, lessons learned, and help with some of the more difficult topics of Azure Management.

To be as inclusive as possible, the format has been kept simple. There will be 5 base topics, across 5 work days of the 4 weeks of February. So Monday-Friday from the 3rd to the 28th. Quick maths, that's 20 articles for you to enjoy, and also some bonus content on the 29th! The articles themselves can be either written, video or both.

All of the published articles are linked below. You can also check the hashtag on Twitter #AzureSpringClean.

Thank you to all who contirbuted this year, we are hoping to be back for more in 2021!

Date Article Contributor Category
03/02/20 Azure RBAC - Best Practices Alan Kinane Azure Foundations
04/02/20 Azure Policy for AKS Sam Cogan Azure Policy
05/02/20 Monitoring Containers on Azure with Windows Admin Center Dave Rendón Azure Monitor
06/02/20 How to use Resource Tags to organize your Azure resources Wim Matthyssen Azure Foundations
07/02/20 Some Points to Remember about Azure Governance Amine Charot Azure Foundations
10/02/20 Nailing your Naming Convention with Azure Policy Matt Browne Azure Foundations
11/02/20 Azure Cost Management - Best Practises Sarah Lean Azure Cost Management
12/02/20 Protect your network resources with Azure Firewall Luis Beltran Azure Security Principles
13/02/20 Monitoring Azure Site Recovery Karel De Winter Azure Monitor
14/02/20 Using Azure Advisor to baseline your platform Sam Hodgkinson Azure Foundations
17/02/20 Using Azure Resource Graph To Assess Your Azure Environment Quickly & Efficiently Jack Tracey Azure Foundations
19/02/20 Azure Storage and Backup Lifecycle Best Practices Dwayne Natwick Azure Foundations
20/02/20 How to Use and Monitor Azure Update Management Vukasin Terzic Azure Fundamentals
21/02/20 Azure Security: my top 10 best practises to make your tenant secure as possible Shabaz Darr Azure Security Principles
24/02/20 Simplify Large Scale Deployments with Azure Blueprints Isham Mohamed Azure Foundations
25/02/20 Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) securing Clusters and Applications Adil Touati Azure Security Principles
26/02/20 Azure Monitor – Autoscaling Resources Based on Performance Anthony Mashford Azure Monitor
27/02/20 How to Avoid a Billing Shock With Azure Serverless Solutions Stanislav Lebedenko Azure Cost Management
28/02/20 Securing Your Azure Platform Web Applications Tidjani Belmansour Azure Security Principles
29/02/20 BONUS - Working with Azure Monitor REST API Martin Ehrnst Azure Monitor
29/02/20 BONUS - How to Troubleshoot Azure Firewall Joe Carlyle Azure Security Principles
29/02/20 BONUS - AZURE DEFENSE-IN-DEPTH SECURITY Vaibhav Gujral Azure Security Principles
29/02/20 BONUS - 5 Ways to Help You Decrease Azure Costs Heather Robinette Azure Cost Management