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Welcome all to Azure Spring Clean 2021. We're back for another year!

Similar to last year, the idea of this event is to promote well managed Azure tenants. To achieve this, we will have community driven articles that highlight best-practises, lessons learned, and help with some of the more difficult topics of Azure Management.

We're again keeping the format simple. There are 5 base topics, across 5 weekdays days of March. So Monday-Friday from the 22nd to the 26th. We will have multiple articles per topic, which means lots of content to learn from! The articles themselves may be either written, video or both.

So if you just want to absorb content, your first chance will be the 22nd of March 2021. Keep an eye on the hashtag on Twitter #AzureSpringClean and here for further updates.

If you want to contribute, submissions are now closed. However, please reach out as we always maintain a reserve list. Please see the requirements in advance below!

The schedule

Monday 22nd Article Contributor Category
Manage Your Azure Spend Using Azure Cost Management Vaibhav Gujral Azure Cost Management
Azure Identity Management! Shabaz Darr Azure Foundations
Simplify Your Resource Deployments With Azure Bicep Vukasin Terzic Azure Foundations
DINE to Automate your Monitoring Governance with Azure Monitor Metric Alerts Jesse Loudon Azure Monitor
Tuesday 23rd Article Contributor Category
Live Monitoring Your VM Connections With Network Watcher Alan Kinane Azure Monitor
Replacing Kubernetes Pod Security Polices with Azure Policy on AKS Sam Cogan Azure Policy
Managing Your Workshops And Lab Environments On Azure Josh Carlisle Azure Foundations
Let's Get You Started With High Availability and Resiliency on Azure
High Availability in Azure
Karel De Winter & Wim Matthyssen Azure Foundations
Wednesday 24th Article Contributor Category
Finding Your Way in the Labyrinth of (Azure) Infrastructure as Code Tools Peter de Tender Azure Foundations
Diagnostic Settings - Why and How? Amine Charot Azure Monitor
Azure Policy and Security Center for Organizational Governance Dwayne Natwick Azure Policy
Custom Roles Following Least Privilege Best Practices John Kilmister Azure Security Principles
Thursday 25th Article Contributor Category
Backing up all Azure Key Vault Secrets, Keys, and Certificates Tobias Zimmergren Azure Security Principles
Azure Template Specs Managed Via Azure DevOps With Bicep Maik van der Gaag Azure Foundations
Leverage Azure Automation To Create and Provision Resource Groups With Appropriate RBAC Controls John Folberth Azure Security Principles
Budget Monitoring Using Tags and Dashboards James Cook Azure Cost Management
Friday 26th Article Contributor Category
Azure Storage Lifecycle Management Tidjani Belmansour Azure Foundations
Azure Policy for Managing Your Subscription Brian Gorman Azure Policy
Azure Security Review Connell McGinley Azure Security Principles
Health and Performance Monitoring of Application in Azure Stas Lebedenko Azure Monitor